Moving away from gas

An end to gas energy – Could you be one of the first to make the change?

Traditionally many of our homes have been heated by gas. This is again a fossil fuel and in the UK much of our gas comes from under the North Sea. In 2019 the UK set a new target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. If we are to fulfil this target, we will need to stop using North Sea gas to heat our homes.

• It is possible to transfer household electricity consumption to renewables, it is not possible to do so with gas
• It makes sense to ensure that gas is eventually removed from households across the nation

From 2025, gas heating will not be allowed in newly built homes. The government has committed to removing gas boilers from all homes by 2050.

There are a range of alternatives to gas boilers e.g. biomass boiler and more possibilities are becoming available all the time.

If you are considering changing your heating to a renewable alternative, or upgrading your gas boiler to a more efficient model, and you own your home, you can currently receive a subsidy under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme and Energy Efficient Grants Scheme.

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Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive