Why do we need to act?

This video from the BBC explains why it’s so important to ensure that we limit global warming as much as possible and the input of every one of us is so important. (video: 3 minutes 53 seconds)

Picture: A weir on the River Dane, where a Hydro scheme has been installed.

Can I really make a difference?

For the changes to be achieved, it can’t just be left to governments and businesses, we must all play a part. This is vital if we want a world where future generations of humans and animals can survive and thrive.

Footprint of an average person in the UK

When working out how to cut down your carbon footprint, it is useful to understand what comprises the average footprint in the UK. If you took the quiz and found out your footprint, how does it compare?

Source: P149, How Bad are Bananas? By Mike Berners-Lee (ISBN: 9781788163811)