What can I do?

You can have an impact on climate change by looking at ways to reduce your ‘carbon footprint’.

Your carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere as a result of all your activities each year.

Which of these activities do you think contributes to your annual carbon footprint?

  • Driving to work
  • Leaving your appliances on standby
  • Heating your home
  • Buying products (in shops or online)
  • Using the internet
  • Buying and eating food
  • Going on holiday
  • Waste we produce each week

The answer is all of them. It’s almost impossible to reduce our carbon footprint to zero, but even regular small changes to our lifestyle can make a difference.

We hope that this course will raise your awareness as a consumer and make you conscious of the choices you make. How much and what you buy? How you travel?  How you live?  What you waste? Changes in all of these areas will reduce your carbon footprint and help to save the planet for future generations.