Choose to walk?

Walking is zero carbon and great for your health

Walking is about getting out of the car and interacting with your surroundings. When we walk there is more opportunity to stop and chat to people and enjoy the world around us. It is a great way to observe nature, to feel more connected to your local community with the bonus that it provides a boost to physical and mental health.

Congleton is criss-crossed by local footpaths and rights of way many dating back to earlier times when people walked everywhere. Almost all the homes in Congleton are within 2 miles of the town centre – meaning it can be reached within 40 minutes on foot.

A simple change is to plan a little more time for journeys so that you can get there on foot, rather than needing a car or a bus. It can even help you avoid parking difficulties, for example during the school run.

Walking buses are a great and sociable way for children to walk part of the way to school. Visit the ‘Living Streets’ website to get some ideas about walking to school initiatives and resources, then speak to your school and other parents about setting one up for your school.

Building in regular walking habits is great for the environment and great for your physical and mental health.