Different Forms of Transport & their Carbon Footprint

Can you pick the two forms of transport in the list with the lowest carbon footprints for short distances? (Less than 3 miles).





Can you pick the form of transport in the list with the lowest carbon footprint for medium distances? (between 5 and 15 miles).




For shorter distances, walking or cycling is the greenest and healthiest form of transport. Try to walk for most short trips you need to take and encourage your family to do the same. For shopping trips, a bag on wheels can make journeys more manageable. To make travel by bike easier and to extend your range, consider an electric bicycle, which have a good range and are less expensive to buy second hand.

Active Travel Congleton, a community interest company, is running a bike buddy scheme designed to help less experienced cyclists to gain confidence to cycle on local roads. The scheme pairs an inexperienced cyclist with an experienced one on a 1:1 basis. This is a free service. To find out more contact www.atcongleton.uk/cyclebuddies

For medium to long journeys, a train could cut your journey emissions by about 80-90%!

For advice on cycling around Congleton: