What if you can’t Walk, Cycle or take the Train?

If it’s too far to walk or cycle, or your destination is not served by bus or train, then mix your modes of transport.

Walk or cycle to the bus stop or railway station, and do the same at the other end of the journey. Use a folding bike that can be put on a bus. For train use, you do not have to book a bicycle on the local services. If all else fails, and a car is necessary, then share with others where you can.

Travel with others

The more people who are using one form of transport, the lower the individual carbon footprint will be for the travellers involved. Share your journey with others, if you’re travelling by car.

Consider vehicle efficiency when buying or renting a car

When it comes to CO2 emissions, not all cars are created equal. In general, cars with less powerful engines tend to be more fuel efficient over medium to long distances. It will be possible for you to find out the average efficiency of a car by consulting the Government’s website for Fuel and CO2 emissions data.

Compare car running costs, here: