Take the bus

Taking a local bus emits a little over half the greenhouse gases of a single occupancy car journey and helps to remove congestion from the roads.

Travel by Bus

Buses are most efficient when they are full, and the emissions are ‘shared’ between all the passengers. Their efficiency will be even greater as more towns and cities implement plans for electric and hydrogen buses which will be almost carbon free when in use.

Buses run in and around Congleton on a regular basis. Those ‘pop into town’ journeys by car will ramp up your carbon footprint, so where possible, why not consider our local bus routes instead?

Find out the bus route information and timetables.

Off to the shops? Why not take the bus?

If you normally take the car to do smaller shops that can be carried in one or two bag fulls, consider taking the bus instead. A rucksack can help with the heavier items, though take care not to twist or bend when you’re setting it down.

Would you like some advice on safe rucksack use?

If you’re cycling to the shops, fit a basket or a rack to your bike – don’t try to cycle with a rucksack or by hanging the shopping bags off the handlebars.

Did you know…

You can get to Macclesfield and Crewe by bus all day every day and even late into the evening.

You can get from Buglawton, Mossley or Bromley Farm to the town centre on a Beartown bus every half hour through the daytime Monday-Saturday.

Think about…

  • Children love going on the bus. Why not give them a treat and take the bus to school or when going shopping instead of taking them by car. Help to save the environment for their future. 
  • Ensuring elderly friends and relatives are aware of their local buses and have received their bus passes