What can you do

Plastic pollution can be tackled using the three Rs of the circular economy at home.


Consider whether you need a plastic item – especially if it’s packaging. Are alternatives available? Wooden coat hangers, cans instead of bottles, cotton instead of synthetics, do you need that drinking straw at all?


You can reuse many plastic items in a variety of imaginative ways, e.g. to store food in the freezer, as plant pots and other functions in the garden, as containers for pens, pencils and even flowers. Your creative ability is your only limit.


Your local waste services offer recycling for most plastics.

Plastic Free Congleton aims to reduce the use of single-use plastic from our beautiful town. Single-use plastic is a litter and pollution issue. The group is working towards Congleton becoming an official Plastic Free Community. To gain this status, the group requires businesses, schools, nurseries and community centres to sign up to the scheme and to replace at least three items of single-use plastic from their premises.

Recycling the Hard to Recycle. Congleton residents can now recycle even more products – such as medicine blister packs, food wrappers, dental care products, make up and personal care items by using the Congleton Terracycle drop off sites across the town. The number of sites continues to grow. Find a list of these Terracycle sites here.

If you need to dispose of your plastics, check it is recyclable and dispose of it in the proper bins.