Carbon Dioxide

is produced when we breathe but more importantly is produced by many industrial processes especially when we burn fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees and other plants during photosynthesis (to make their food) and is also absorbed by the oceans.

Carbon Emissions

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Off-setting

Circular Economy

Climate Change

CO2 Emissions


Fossil Fuels

these are the fuels which were formed many millions of years ago and are found under the ground. They include methane (North Sea gas), oil (petrol & diesel etc) and coal.

Gas/North Sea gas

is methane, the same gas is produced by rotting vegetation and when cows ‘burp’.

Green/Clear Energy

is renewable energy as defined above but usually includes nuclear energy because this doesn’t produce carbon dioxide.

Greenhouse Gases(GHG)

these include carbon dioxide and methane. These gases when released into our atmosphere form a layer around our planet which acts like a blanket or greenhouse holding the heat produced by global activities in our atmosphere causing the temperature to rise.



Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control

Renewable Energy

is energy that is provided by natural sources that are constantly replenished. It is produced by harnessing the energy of sunlight, wind, water, tides, waves and geothermal energy from deep in the ground.