Support for Cycling

Here, you can learn more about all sorts of support to help get you cycling here:

Cycling is a cheap, efficient and healthy form of transport. It is perfect for short to medium trips to the shops, local meetings and appointments or to the gym. There are many forms of cycles available, to suit your needs, including: geared and electric bikes, tricycles, attachments for children either to tow or seats for the back of the bike, hand cycles and adapted bikes for children and adults of different abilities.

To deter thieves it’s important to get a sturdy lock for your bike and consider some insurance for more expensive bikes.

Active Travel Congleton are campaigning for walking and cycling in Congleton. ATC offers a ‘bike buddy’ scheme to help people find their optimum routes to work, school and shopping. ATC can also help new and returning cyclists feel safer during their journeys.

If you use a bike for work you can save 30-50% on the cost of purchase through the government’s

Living Streets is a group that supports walking every day for all local journeys. It aims to make organising walks to school easier and supports initiatives to improve environments for walking.

Let’s make a better world by bike

National groups like Sustrans can offer information and support to help.

Local bike shops in Congleton:

Local cycle offers can be reviewed here: